In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty regarding health guidelines for Ohio residential camps, and in order to keep campers and families safe, it is with sad hearts that we have decided to cancel all youth summer programs for 2020.


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Greetings friends,

          What an incredibly challenging time we are facing together amidst this unprecedented health crisis! We are grateful to serve a God who is greater than any trial we face. Mandated stay-at-home policies have affected so many, including us here at Skyview Ranch.

          Between guest group and event cancellations in the wake of these policies, we are enduring a significant income loss of $50,000-$60,000. Also, we have not been able to get out into the community to raise support for our annual Golf Marathon, which is scheduled for Monday, May 11th. This will be an additional loss of approximately $30,000 that would supply our Camper Scholarship Fund. We will likely proceed with our Golf Marathon event, but our level of corporate and local business support has been cut by 90%.

          The SVR Board of Trustees along with our staff are praying that the mandates will be lifted soon which will allow us to move forward with our Summer Camp plans. We are coming close to finalizing our 40-50 summer staff hires. Even if mandates are lifted, it is expected that our total number of campers will be lower than usual due to concerns surrounding COVID-19. This will result in a substantial loss of revenue for the Ranch. Please be in prayer that we will have a fruitful summer this year no matter our numbers: we look forward to the incredible life impact God will have in the heart of every camper!

          As many of you are aware, our government has issued stimulus checks to aid families across our nation during this difficult time. We realize that many are completely relying on this government stimulus check to help sustain them while unemployed. We also realize that some families who have not been financially burdened by these circumstances will be coming into a surplus of income through receiving this check and are able help others.

          SVR has been hit hard in recent months following our November Dining Hall fire and the consequences of COVID-19 mandates. We are praying for God’s provision for all during this crisis. Amidst these circumstances, many of our churches are also struggling financially. If your church is among those in need, please seek to help them first. If God has provided your needs and your church’s needs, then please prayerfully consider supporting Skyview Ranch with a tax-deductible contribution.

          We respect your situation and understand if giving is currently out if the question. For those who are able, please pray and contemplate a gift to Skyview Ranch during this time of need.

One-time gifts can be submitted to:

Skyview Ranch
 7241 Township Road 319
 Millersburg, OH 44654

Please make checks out to “Skyview Ranch.”


Published April 15, 2020

          Thank you for you continued prayer and support for the ministry of Skyview Ranch. Stay safe out there. Our team is praying for you as well as we get through this season together though we are apart. Look forward to future events and opportunities here at SVR!


SVR Director Gary Adams and the Executive Board

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