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Apprenticeship Program

2016-2017 Prayer Focus - Apprentice Team


The apprenticeship program at SVR exists to facilitate experiential learning in a camp ministry environment while providing both biblical discipleship and leadership training for LIFE IMPACT.




The four primary elements for this apprenticeship program:


I. Organizational Leadership Courses

SVR partners with Clarks Summit University and Pilgrimage Educational Resources to provide courses for both undergraduates and graduates. It is important for all apprentices to complete this program—whether taken for course credit or not—as it provides consistent footing for our experiential learning process.


II. GROW System

The GROW system is our primary discipleship tool used for learning, relating, equipping, and mentoring.


III. On-Track Devotions

The On-Track devotions provide individuals with the skills and discipline for effective, daily Bible study—it will take an inductive study approach for individuals to observe, interpret, apply, and implement Scripture into their daily lives.


IV. Wilderness Trip

The Wilderness trip is the culmination of everything the apprentices will learn throughout their program experience and builds upon it by taking them to the next level in a new learning environment.



This program provides an experience that is both structured and intentional for each individual. Below, we have identified five defined outcomes of the apprenticeship program at SVR:

  1. Spiritual Development and Growth
  2. Ministry Awareness
  3. Ministry Readiness
  4. Experiential Learning Environment
  5. Intentional Program

For more information, take a look at our FAQ’s and download the SVR Apprenticeship Program outline and apply today!

Questions? Contact Erin Bullington at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Important Forms and Documents:
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