Greetings from Beautiful Skyview Ranch,

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy these days during this season of change for everyone. As the Director of Operations, I want to fill you in on where we are at in ministry and share with you about our new summer plans and beyond.


  • As you know, it has been nearly seven months since our devastating fire that took out our offices, restrooms, kitchen, and dining hall. The Lord has been good to us by providing great insurance coverage. This insurance has allowed for replacement value of the contents lost, all personal items lost, and the entire building including utilities. It has also covered the removal of the old structure, the cost for us to set up temporary units so we can continue to do camp, and to restore all phones, utilities, and internet to these five units. 
  • Our board made the decision to use the building insurance funds to do two things:
  • Pay off $830,000 in debt. We were able to pay off all our mortgages in full!
  • Secure an architect and builder to move forward with building a replacement structure that will serve Skyview for the next generation.


  • This world pandemic has hit us hard in multiple ways. First off, we had tremendous loss of revenue this spring. Now moving into the summer, Skyview Ranch has truly been hit hard financially! The spring loss of cancelled guest groups and not being able to host SVR-sponsored retreats and fundraisers has brought us a LOSS OF $120,000. 
  • In addition to that, the decision that was made to cancel our regular summer youth camps. This meant not being able to hire 45-50 summer staffers and a revenue LOSS OF $200,000.
  • We have had three summer guest groups that cancelled with a revenue loss of $43,000.
  • Lastly, the financial loss due to our inability to host winter guest groups after the fire totaled approximately $60,000.
  • Because of this loss of income, we will be cutting half of our staff mid-June. This includes our five interns and three part-time staff. We have also cut and trimmed our 2020 budget to drastic levels in order to move forward in a responsible and God honoring manner.

One-time gifts can be submitted to:

Skyview Ranch
 7241 Township Road 319
 Millersburg, OH 44654

Please make checks out to “Skyview Ranch.”



  • Through it all, God has been walking alongside of us guiding, comforting, and granting wisdom to our board of trustees and our staff. Because of your generosity, SVR is still in operation. We have appreciated your prayers and financial gifts to help us get through it all, but we have a long way to go. 
  • As you can see, our total estimated loss of income will be approximately $423,000 between December 2019 through August 2020.
  • I am reaching out to you NOW to ask for a few things:
  • Prayers as we move forward through this process.
  • Financial support to help with the tremendous loss of revenue.
  • Volunteer support with work projects, our summer program, and more.
  • Please follow the button below to learn more about ALL these exciting plans. They include day camp, four weeks of family camps, Friday night pond nights, high adventure events, shooting events, Wednesday night fish fries in July, a Fourth of July 5K and family fun run, and other exciting family-friendly events. 
  • To be clear, Skyview Ranch has gone through a lot as have all our camps. We know that God has a plan, God is in control, and our God has a solution! 
  • He has supplied insurance funds to set up our temporary units that will serve us into 2021. 
  • He has set up $1.5 million in insurance funds to be used towards rebuilding a brand new and larger facility that will be an incredible blessing for thousands of guests for years to come. We are seeking an additional $1 million to meet the expected cost to complete this project.
  • He has and WILL provide for our needs to get us through the summer months of our operational budget needs through churches and individuals like YOU!

Our family is blessed to live in such a beautiful setting and to be able to serve alongside a tremendous team of caring and dedicated servants we call staff and family! This group of individuals is absolutely amazing and such a blessing to me personally. I love our family here. I love our Skyview friends and family. I am praying you are healthy, safe, and that your ministry and service to the Lord is doing great!

Blessings to you all and thank you for supporting Skyview Ranch!

Gary Adams - Director of Operations

Published June 9th, 2020