Summer staff & Volunteer positions

Create Life Impact

Christian Camping ministry provides a unique opportunity to grow and serve! We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated disciples of Christ to help us impact the next generation. At Skyview Ranch you will have the opportunity to help students come to know and live out their faith in Jesus. We are looking for Chrst-centered young people that want to spend their summer pouring into the spiritual lives of campers in the unique setting that working at Skyview Ranch provides. 
From counseling positions to support staff roles, Skyview has a position just for you! Consider serving at Skyview Ranch this summer. 
We're looking for:
Counselors | Program Staff | Support Staff Supervisors | Office | Cleaning | Kitchen | Lifeguards | Wranglers | Grounds Staff | Media | Ranch Store | Worship  

SVR Summer Staff must be at least 16 years old. Summer Volunteers must be at least 14 years old. Be sure to fill out an application and get all of your references in as soon as possible, as most of our positions are filled by February or early March. All summer staff must be available for training. Candidates should be available in June and July. Considerations for prior commitments may be considered. Candidates over the age of 18 must submit to a criminal background check. 

Below is a list of Summer Positions we are looking to fill for this summer.

Skyview also offers a 9-month apprenticeship program for individuals who have completed high school. To learn more about our Apprenticeship Program, click here!

Helpful Things to Know

What are the Expectations of Weekly/Daily Schedule?
Each week there will be a Sunday night meeting at 8 pm. In this meeting you will go over the schedule for the week, catch up from the weekend, and pray over the week to come. Monday mornings will begin with breakfast and a staff devotional at 8 am and registration will begin at 10 am with campers. Campers will stay the whole week (with the exception of Day camp) and will leave between 9 am and 10 am on Saturday morning. After the cabin leaves, the summer staff will clean up camp from the week and there will be an end of week recap meeting around 11:30 am on Saturday. The rest of the weekend is for the staff to enjoy and rest. All staff members at Skyview are required to attend church on Sunday Mornings. 

Daily schedule for counselors is to be with their cabin doing the programmed activities created by the Program Directors for the summer and are to be having intentional conversations during and in between these activities. Support staff will report to their immediate supervisor after breakfast (or before if needed) for their daily responsibilies and tasks. Once they are finished with their tasks for the day and are released by their supervisor, they will either report to their cabin they are assinged to or report to the Support Staff Supervisor.  

What does Housing look like?
Each week counselors will be assigned to a new cabin to move their belongings to for the upcoming group of campers. This is also true for support staff. Support staff will be assigned to a counselor to assist for the week when their job responsibilities during the day are completed. 
Volunteers and programming staff will be housed in a staff cabin (changes based on cabin availability) where there are no campers assigned, for the course of the week.

summer staff job descriptions


Counselors should be at least one year removed from graduating high school (ex. just finishing Freshman year of college). Counselors directly lead a small group of campers (anywhere between 6-12) throughout the course of the camp week. The ages of campers range from 1st grade to recent graduates from High School, depending on the program they are assigned to each week. Counselors go through over 200 hours of training before having their first cabin, so that they can feel prepared and trained to lead them well and facilitate activities. Counselors are responsible for having conversations with their campers about their relationship with God and helping their camper to grow. Counselors accomplish this goal by having one-on-one conversations with each of their campers throughout the course of the week. At the end of the week, Counselors will write a short letter to the parents of the campers on how what their camper learned and how they can encourage them in their walk with Christ at home. Counselors are also responsible for participating in swimming, archery, high adventure, paintball, team games and chapel services throughout the course of the week. Counselors report directly to our Director of Programming and collaborate with Summer Program Directors. 


Program Directors are responsible for creating the schedule for the summer camp programs during the summer and then facilitating those games and activities for their specified program. Their job is to create programming based off the age-characteristics and spiritual needs of the kids. Program Directors work in pairs (one male and one female per program) to be able to lead a specific age group. Program Directors report to camp two weeks before the rest of the summer staff, to obtain extra training and time to start preparing schedules. Program Directors are also responsible for facilitating high ropes activities under the supervision of our Director of Programming. They are also responsible for supporting the counseling staff through the week as needed with personal and camper needs. Program Directors report directly to the Director of Programming.


Skyview is well known for our herd of horses that we keep and maintain year-round to give guests and campers a horseback riding experience. Wranglers are hired to help maintain the cleanliness of the barn, tack horses, lead horse trails, and help to feed and maintain the horse herd. Wranglers are also heavily involved in our Equine Camp and Cowboy Camp, where they help to lead and facilitate activities. We offer trail rides during the week that all campers have the opportunity to be able to participate in. Wranglers will also be asked to help with fence maintenance and baling of hay throughout the summer season. Wranglers directly report to the Equine Director and Lead Wrangler for their daily assignments and activities. Equine experience preferred but not required. 


Lifeguards are crucial for our summer camp experience. We are looking for Certified Lifeguards, who will oversee our pool and pond area. The pool is comprised of a lazy river, with tubes to float and a waterfall mushroom. Our pond has several elements that will keep you on your toes. At the pond we have our Blob, Rip-Zip, Large Water Slide, Climbing Wall, and Water Trampoline. Lifeguards oversee maintaining safety in these areas and are the first responders to a water incident in their area. Lifeguards are also in charge of maintaining both the pool and pond area including checking pool chemicals and filters to keep up pool operations and cleanliness. The lifeguard team reports directly to the Guest Services Director for daily responsibilities and schedules swim times for the day. 

maintenance crew

To keep our camp environment safe and functioning well, we need a maintenance team who are willing to fix the things that inevitably will break down. The Maintenance team is responsible for things as simple as changing a light bulb to helping with major projects as assigned by our Farm and Facilities Director. The Maintenance team keeps machinery and vehicles running smoothly as well as helping to maintain the functionality of the camp. The Maintenance team reports directly to the Farm and Facilities Director for daily responsibilities and projects. Experience in maintenance is preferred but not required. 
-Potential Project for the Summer: Construction of New Maintenance Facility 

Grounds Crew

The Grounds Crew is responsible for keeping the property of Skyview presentable and functional for our summer camp season. We have 175 acres of property that needs to be maintained and the Grounds Crew gets to work on most of those acres. Tasks may include but are not limited to mowing, weed eating, baling hay, clearing horse trails, splitting wood etc. They work in close association with the Wranglers and Maintenance Team to complete projects and make sure that our property can enhance the camper experience at Skyview and not be a distraction. Grounds Crew members should not be afraid to work in a dusty environment and should plan to be outside for most of their day. Grounds Crew reports specifically to the Farm and Facilities Director for daily responsibilities and tasks. 

kitchen STAFF

A member of the Kitchen Staff is responsible for assisting the Food Service Director in the preparation, serving, and cleaning up of all meals on camp property during the summer. The main responsibilities include preparing food, serving meals cheerfully and timely and cleaning up in the kitchen, dining room, and any areas where food is served, as well as the gym on Saturday's. Kitchen staff members must be prompt to the kitchen and ready to work at their assigned times. During the afternoon, Kitchen staff members might receive a short break between lunch and dinner (according to the discretion of their immediate supervisor) given they typically start working early and stay late. All Kitchen Staff will report directly to the Food Service Director.
Lead Kitchen: To qualify for Lead Kitchen, this staff member will need to be over 18 years old and have at least one summer of kitchen staff experience at Skyview Ranch. The Lead Kitchen will be responsible for the kitchen when the Food Service Director is not present in the kitchen.

ranch store & Housekeeping assistant

The Ranch Store Manager is responsible for managing our merchandise and store inventory. The Ranch Store Manager needs to be someone organized, a self-starter and have a vision for how to best sell our Skyview merch. They are also responsible for making sure our inventory stays up to date and will work with our Guest Services Director on ordering when needed. Campers will have many times during the week where they will have opportunities to come and visit the camp store to get souvenirs from the week, and the Ranch Store Manager oversees these store times. Along with this the Ranch Store Manager oversees keeping up the cleanliness of the Lodge area and Bathrooms. They work closely with our cleaning staff to accomplish these areas and make sure that our cleaning supplies in those areas are stocked. The Ranch Store Manager reports to our Guest Services Director for daily tasks and responsibilities during the day.  

Cleaning staff MEMBER

Cleaning Staff are responsible for making sure that camp property and buildings stay clean. Overall, their job is to create a distraction free environment for the campers and parents when on property. Daily responsibilities include cleaning bathrooms and shower houses, moping floors, restocking cleaning supply closets, cleaning windows, and general clean up around camp including trash cans. Cleaning staff are also on call for indoor spills and other mishaps or accidents that happen on camp property. As we continue to raise our standard for cleanliness, we are seeking individuals willing and capable of giving 100% to their work to remove distractions from the campers. Cleaning staff will also complete various deep cleaning projects of areas around camp that do not get used as often during the off season. Cleaning staff report directly to the Guest Services Director for daily assignments and projects.


Media Specialists are responsible for capturing what is happening on camp with creative photography and videography. Our Media Specialists work hard to communicate what is going on at the camp to parents and supporters outside of camp by capturing high quality photos of each camper each day. Skyview also offers a chance to increase your videography experience, where our media specialists will create weekly videos that recap each program each week. This job provides you with a unique opportunity to expand your portfolio and sharpen a lot of your skills in a fast-paced environment. Media Specialists also help with AV needs in chapel sessions and other programmed events throughout the week. Media Specialists will work directly with the Director of Communications for daily social media posts of pictures of the campers. Media Specialists report directly to the Media Supervisor, then to the Executive Director or Director of Communications. Experience with DSLR cameras and Adobe Premiere is preferred but not required.  


An office team member will need to be comfortable with the customer service aspect of camp. This will include answering phone calls, emails, and interacting with parents and guests daily. An office team member needs to be organized, responsible, and trustworthy in an office setting. An office team member will assist with Monday morning registration, keeping track of camper mail and emails, completing housing assignments for the next week of camp and processing payments and forms on our camping software. Experience using Microsoft Products is preferred but not required. An office team member will report directly to Skyview’s Office Director.
***An office team member is preferred to be over 18 years of age.


Because there are a lot of support staff (lifeguards, kitchen staff, etc.) that would be under the age of 18, the Support Staff Supervisor oversees leading them on weekends and helping them keep up with their daily tasks. This role requires strong leadership abilities, delegations’ skills, accountability, and organization. The Support Staff Supervisor oversees planning and organizing weekend activities at or off camp and making sure that the support staff are attending church on Sunday Morning. During the week, the Support Staff Supervisor oversees organizing evening activities for those that are not assigned to a specific program (could include support staff and volunteers). The Support Staff Supervisor is also responsible for checking in with the Executive Director or Guest Services Director for extra projects and needs that the staff has during the week. Because the Support Staff Supervisor works on the weekends, they will work with the Executive Director for time off. The Support Staff Supervisor oversees volunteers as well when they arrive at camp on Sunday Evening and while they are on camp property.

*Must be at least 21 years old and possess a valid driver’s license by the start of staff training in May.


Health Officer is responsible for the safety and well-being of the campers while they are on camp property. They are also responsible for keeping medication organized, tracked, and distributed accordingly throughout the course of the week. The Health Officer is also responsible for performing basic first aid as well as managing serious injuries if applicable during the week. This position also includes communication with parents when medication is administered or if the child is sick. This position requires organizational skills, clear written and verbal communication, and ability to document and process incident reports and injuries requiring treatment. The Health Officer is someone that is working towards or has earned a degree in the medical field. The Health Officer directly reports to the Guest Services Director. 

*Must be prepared for exposure to blood, vomit, and cooperating with medical professionals in case of minor and/or serious incidents.

Worship Team

A worship team member will be responsible for leading worship two times a day for the various programs that we offer at Skyview. A worship team member will need to be able to lead worship in an acoustic type setting and will need to be able to play guitar or play the piano, as well as be able to sing. The worship team is also responsible for picking out the music to play that is age appropriate that agrees with our doctrinal statement as a camp. A member of the worship team may also be used to accomplish cleaning tasks or other duties assigned by the Guest Services Director or Executive Director.
*There may be times where we have an outside group come in to help lead worship for the week. In this case, the Skyview Worship Team will coordinate with the group’s needs and work with the Guest Services Director or Executive Director on other projects and tasks.

summer camp volunteers (Ages 14+)

Along with all our paid positions, Skyview Ranch also offers many volunteer opportunities. Volunteers have the opportunity to work as much as they want during the summer (as little as one week or up to the whole summer). Volunteers can choose, based on availability, what area they are able to help out with including: Maintenance, Grounds Crew, Kitchen, Equine, Media, Office, Cleaning, Ranch Store, Lifeguard*, Counseling*, Health Office*
Volunteers will need to be at least 14 years old, and it is a great opportunity for someone to see what it is like to be summer staff before they are old enough to be full-time summer staff. This is also a great opportunity for students to fill their volunteer hours for service projects, college applications, National Honors Society, and more. We would love for you to come for at least one week to help and experience a week of summer camp at the Ranch.

*Must fulfill specific prerequisites for Counseling, Lifeguard, and Health Office to be able to volunteer under these roles. Please contact Skyview Ranch ahead of time to let us know that you are interested in volunteering for this position.