sUpport our Equine Program

The horses here at Skyview Ranch have held a special place in the hearts of countless campers and guests since the ministry was founded in 1969. When SVR comes to mind, you can picture the herd grazing in the pasture or memories of trail rides through the woods. Our horses are available for us to introduce students and guests to the beauty of God's creation. We offer a unique experience for campers as they get up close to these gentle giants and learn to interact with them. Many spiritual lessons are learned by our guests as they interact with our horses.  

When you support the equine program at Skyview Ranch you are helping to cover the expenses related to caring for our horses and helping us to continue the gospel ministry.
Funds raised will go towards: 

Hay & Grain      |      Ferrier & Veterinary Services      |       Fencing Repairs      |       Track Upkeep      

If you would like to sponsor a horse, please contact our office at (330) 674-7511 or email Jon Casbohm at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. Skyview Ranch will also accept online donations. Give one time or give monthly and you will help ensure we are able to continue offering this special program.