Plan your event with us!

Skyview Ranch is a four-season camp. Amidst our Summer Camp Programs and SVR-sponsored events, we welcome guest groups to rent our property for weekday and weekend stays! Skyview has hosted events for churches, schools, extracurricular groups, conferences, and more throughout its history.

Skyview is known for its Christian summer camp programming, and with good reason. Over one thousand campers come to the Ranch each summer, experiencing some of the best memories of their lives. Many of these campers return home with their hearts changed forever, which is a testament to the way the Ranch has been blessed with high quality staffing and facilities.

But what about the rest of the year? Unlike many camp and conference facilities, Skyview Ranch does not shutdown. In fact, it picks up the pace serving thousands of guests from churches, banquets, family reunions, men's and women's groups, marching bands and hundreds of other high quality groups.

We think you should join this growing list. From horseback riding to paintball, meeting facilities to delicious meals, Skyview Ranch is prepared to take care of your group's specific needs. Review our offerings and our pricing and see what other groups have said about Skyview, because we think you'll like what you see!
Groups that rent the Ranch must agree to abide by our code of conduct.