The Road Ahead

Future Growth and Expansion

A Devastating Loss

On Sunday, November 10th, 2019, the Skyview Ranch Welcome Center, which included our Dining Hall, Kitchen, and Office spaces, burned down early in the morning with firefighters remaining on the scene until the start of the afternoon. All guests and staff were safely accounted for, but the loss is devastating for the ministry. Our Welcome Center served as the epicenter for guests and staff alike here at SVR since the building's construction in 2003. A lot of ministry supplies, equipment, and more were lost to the fire as it wiped out nearly everything down to its foundation. Development of a new structure is already in motion with insurance coming through for Skyview Ranch in amazing ways.

Yet, with over fifty years of creating life impact in the hearts of campers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
our ministry will press on serving thousands of guests for years to come.

Pressing on in Faith

Skyview Ranch is 175-acres designed to create life impact. Our goal as a Christian Camp and Retreat Center is to help expand God’s Kingdom camper by camper through our many facets of programming spanning all four seasons. Though the loss of our Welcome Center hit us hard in November, we entered 2020 strong without dropping any of our five scheduled Winter Retreat events, the first of which took place only eleven weeks since the fire. The Lord blessed us with local churches who partnered with us in meeting our chapel and dining space needs for hundreds of campers. We now have temporary on-site facilities that were installed where the Welcome Center once stood to meet our office and dining hall needs along with an attached kitchen and restrooms.

NEW Multipurpose Building

Construction Start: Spring 2020
Estimated Completion: February 2021

Preliminary Drafts - Floorplan
Preliminary Drafts - Elevation

Replacement structure will include:

  • Two recreation courts
  • Dining Area
  • Large meeting spaces
  • Kitchen and food storage
  • Bouldering wall
  • Nurse’s station
  • Speaker/guest housing
  • Restrooms and showers
  • Covered front porch

With the insurance money we received from this loss, we were able to pay off camp debt and have $1.5 million to go towards the rebuild. Praise the Lord!
SVR is taking our next steps in developing the assets of our ministry to serve and reach more guests with the love of Christ!

Consider partnering and praying with us as we move forward with great faith that God will make these additions possible.
 God is doing great things at SVR. Will you join us? 


Completed Growth and Expansion

  • Temporary Structures on Property
  • Offices
  • Dining Hall / Worship Facility
  • Kitchen Facilities 
  • Restroom Facilties

Current Growth and Expansion

Multipurpose Building: $2.3 Million
$1.5 Million Funded


Future Growth and Expansion

500-Seat Dining Hall
Approximate Funds Needed: $2 Million

Welcome Center Office
Approximate Funds Needed: $700,000

80-Bed Hillside Lodge
Approximate Funds Needed: $900,000

500-Seat Chapel
Approximate Funds Needs: $900,000

Projected Total Fundraising Goal: $6,800,000